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zheli industrial independent research and development innovation, its 4 major brands, 20 plus series, 100 plus models to meet your individual needs for a variety of scenarios

philosophical coatings strategic cooperative brand

  • 迪高
  • 万华化学
    wanhua chemistry
  • 国都化工
    national chemical industry
  • Bayer(拜耳)
  • BASF(巴斯夫)
  • Cytec(氰特)
  • Byk(毕克)

Product characteristics

20 years focus on customer experience, so that your products more bright, philosophy focused on high-quality major car companies, industrial construction projects, the delivery of all kinds of high-quality environmental protection coatings.

  • high temperature and yellowing resistance

    outdoor exposure to no pressure, 20 years is consistent, well received by customers at home and abroad

  • no bubbles don't fall off

    for different scenarios, we have bottom-to-face processing solutions

  • antioxidant and corrosion resistant

    Zheli coating has strong oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance

  • weatherproof and rainproof

    have a good resistance to artificial aging performance, strong environmental adaptability, so that product corrosion protection for a longer time.

  • attach well and dry fast

    can be attached directly to the surface of special substrates, with faster drying performance, effectively reduce coating time, improve work efficiency.

  • high-intensity high gloss

    it has a high hardness and a good gloss

Quality coatings, choose zheli, good quality, shape good products, make cars more environmentally friendly and make life healthier
  • 哲力涂料
    company strength

    zheli 20 years focus on automotive paint, industrial paint and other coatings research and development, independent manufacturers, strong, strong technical team support, high supply capacity, to meet the high-volume supply.

    the company currently has a number of advanced equipment standardization production base, covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, annual production capacity of 300,000 tons, production capacity and market share are among the forefront of the industry, and by the industry media as with the automotive and other industrial coatings impact brand and water-like paint technology innovation brand.

  • 哲力涂料
    reputation recognition

    the use of foreign advanced digital production equipment, dealers all over the country, customers can get anytime and anywhere with the same brand, the same quality repair paint.

    products with its stable quality, unique, cost-effective and basic zero complaints of the four advantages of the market, at the same time in the company's perfect production system, the use of advanced production equipment and fine production technology, strict quality control management so that the company's products are exported overseas, has won the praise and recognition of our customers.

  • 哲力涂料

    mature quality control system, more cost-effective than peers, your side of the cost-effective paint. to provide customers with a complete set of paint coating solutions.

    the company has a modern plant, advanced production equipment, fine production technology, strict quality control management, perfect testing system, as well as high-quality, experienced senior management and professional technical team. always adhere to innovative research and development for customers to create cost-effective paint.

  • 哲力涂料
    color matching system

    the company has a perfect color matching system, customers can according to personal needs and fill in the relevant information, you can adjust the desired tone

    we have been committed to providing customers with a one-stop high-quality practical coating solutions, the development of professional fashion color design, presenting intuitive and accurate color management, and free of charge related product services, color training, technical advice and other all-round support, and strive to create a "technology and products and services" of the new sales model, so that customer needs in one step

  • 哲力涂料售后服务
    after-sales service

    philosophical coatings have a perfect sales service model, hard service, we do not just say, professional after-sales team dedicated to serving every customer, is a trustworthy paint field rest assured brand.

    pre-sales according to customer demand, quickly give a professional one-stop paint solutions. sales to provide you with professional technical personnel docking services, to provide you with product performance introduction, material handling requirements, product testing and other intimate services. after-sales for customers one-on-one after-sales service follow-up, timely solution of customer problems and technical support.

  • 哲力涂料
    domain-wide logistics

    in order to better serve customers, we have established a wide range of logistics network, and the country's major quality logistics service providers to reach strategic cooperation to ensure that products can be safe transport and storage. logistics radiation throughout the country, adhere to fast and safe delivery, efficient and convenient. at the same time, the company spent a lot of money to build standardized, large-scale storage warehouse, to ensure the storage security of products.

Application scenario

philosophical coatings, widely used in various industries, such as automotive, industrial machinery, building facades, advertising signs, ships

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professional production of paint, to create an influential brand

shanghai zheli industrial co., ltd., is a research and development, production, sales, service as one of the innovative paint production enterprises. the main production of automotive paint, industrial paint, advertising paint and other products, and widely used in automotive, industrial machinery, construction, advertising logo, shipping and other industries. shanghai zheli industrial operations center is located in guangzhou, research and development center and production base is located in shaoguan city, guangdong province, covers an area of 30,000 square meters. the company has a modern plant, advanced production equipment, fine production......
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