rail transit

No matter how fast, I will accompany you through the journey. On the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology, Zheli coating has developed a coating product system suitable for all kinds of trains, high-speed trains and urban subways. It has the characteristics of super weather resistance, normal temperature curing, wide adaptability, strong universality and superior performance, and can meet the requirements of various locomotive and vehicle coating.

product characteristics stand out

zheli industrial's rail transportation coating products have the characteristics of ultra-resistant, room temperature curing, wide adaptability, strong versatility, superior performance, etc., to meet the requirements of a variety of locomotives and vehicles coating.

complete coating solution

epoxy primer:is used to protect the body steel coating, its corrosion resistance is excellent, mechanical performance is good, low toxicity, welding and burn resistance;

medium paint:for the two-component polyurethane coating, can be good filling sanding paper marks, easy to polish, smooth, can improve the gloss and plumpness of the paint;

face paint:for high decorative two-component polyurethane solid paint and single-component flash paint, two-component polyurethane solid paint outside the sightseeing bright, plump, fresh, and have good preservation color protection performance;

the anti-corrosion effect is significant

zheli industrial coating products are widely used in the field of construction, so that buildings in the environment of severe corrosion to get strong protection.

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