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they say you are rock-solid, and you understand that i can give you decoration and protection, philosopher industries with the times to develop a series of environmentally friendly low-carbon high-performance water-like coatings, for outdoor billboards and other advertising signs play an important role.

product features

zheli industrial has developed a series of water-like coatings with environmental protection and low carbon high performance, which plays an important role in advertising signs such as outdoor billboards. can make billboards better acid rain and sun protection. at the same time, the outside sightseeing bright and plump, with good color protection performance.

new water-based products

after years of technology accumulation and product development, zheli industrial has successfully developed outdoor advertising logo coatings, for outdoor billboards, advertising logos to provide more advanced, environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant products.

excellent environmental performance

The color pigment of advertising logo coating can be used flexibly, and various properties can meet ROHS environmental protection standards.

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