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  • excellent quality

    a unique quality that cannot be imitated, an irresistible green charm that we want to share with more customers. only by being tested by time can true high quality be demonstrated. zheli industrial adhering to its scientific and reasonable formula, nearly 20 years of market testing, regardless of time changes, the nature is still unchanged.

  • strong research and development team

    division i in the country has many laboratories, with universities, scientific research institutions to maintain a wide range of exchanges and cooperation, and work together to new materials, new technology, new product research and development applications. formed a strong core competitiveness. always adhere to independent innovation research and development, and always keep pace with the world's advanced chemical technology, and gradually increase research and development funds, personnel and experimental, testing equipment investment.

  • 5S humanized management mode

    Humanized management "5S" is a scientific and standardized on-site management method in modern enterprise management. The management mode in the sustainable development stage of Zheli industry is "humanized 5S management mode", that is, we never think that management is managing people, but gathering talents with common values and common pursuit, giving full play to the collective strength to realize a great dream - creating a glorious life.

  • a new sales model

    we have been committed to providing customers with a one-stop high-quality practical coating solutions, the development of professional fashion color design, presenting intuitive and accurate color management, and free of charge related product services, color training, technical advice and other all-round support, and strive to create a "technology and products and services" of the new sales model, so that customer needs in one step.

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