boats and ships

the open sea together with the cold sea, can not resist let me wake up your face, zheli coating can be very good application in the field of marine ships, with strong adhesion and strong corrosion resistance, will not easily occur shedding phenomenon, especially salt, acid, alkali and so on. the coating and substrate have a strong binding force, the surface forms a tough and elastic film, to the ship to protect, decorate or give special effects to the substance.

product features

with good adhesion, better water resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance, thick film, good quality. philosophical industrial's coating products have been widely used in the field of marine coatings, philosophical coatings easy to use, simple construction, excellent performance, can be used under harsh conditions, and has a long-lasting anti-corrosion life.

product range is complete

ship coatings include protective primers, intermediate paints, and face paints. suitable for superstructures, dry rails, decks, storage rooms, cabins, engine rooms, etc.

the anti-corrosion effect is significant

marine coatings are used for the protection of steel structures in severe corrosive environments and can be used above or below waterlines. it is particularly recommended for underwater parts of the ship' hulls, ballast tanks and other steel structures suitable for severe marine corrosion environments.

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